Mad Pig Thumper Brake

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The Mad Pig Thumper muzzle brake was designed based off our extensive experience trying to balance the desire for a clean in line muzzle brake with recoil compensation. We added an inside ledge to give it some back pressure, and designed this to also accept a ½ allen drive to aid in installation. It's not a timed brake, simply screw it on to roughly 15ft/lbs. The brakes are finished in black oxide for a nice deep finish to match Henry and Marlin finish and also allow gunsmiths to hand finish them for a seamless appearance without having to try to cut through extra hard nitride. Our brakes are made to closely match the outer diameter of most of their respective models for the seamless look Mad Pig Customs made famous with our original Thumper line. 
MPC104 For OEM Marlin (Ruger/Mayodan NC Made) models 1895 SBL, 1895 Trapper, you want our stainless brake threaded in 11/16-24.
MPC202 For Henry X 30-30, and 45-70's threaded to 5/8x24.
Gunsmith models are for those who are having older guns cut down and threaded. 
MPC102 Pre Ruger Marlin (New Haven CT and Ilion NY made guns), these are designed for your gunsmith to cut and thread your barrel to your desired length and thread to 5/8x24 TPI.
MPC 103 is 1/2x28 and is designed for gunsmith's to cut down and thread 30/30 Marlin 336 pattern rifles, or 1894/Henry X357's in .357/.38 special. They also work well on thin profile AR style barrels. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review